Islamorada Charter Fishing

One of the greatest angling adventures you could ever have is Islamorada deep sea fishing. All the elements are in place to provide you with an awesome experience: nice weather, beautiful surroundings, plenty of baitfish, and lots of desirable fish. It doesn't matter if you're a world-class angler or a seasoned pro; even kids can be successful. Yes, there really are that many hungry predators plying the local waters. Whether you want to haul in dinner or land a trophy, it's all there waiting for you with Islamorada deep sea fishing!

Islamorada is known across the globe as "the sport fishing capital of the world," and it lives up to its reputation. All sorts of fishing are provided in the region, including angling around the tiny islands of the Everglades for tarpon, snook, and redfish; fishing in Florida Bay for bonefish; or heading north from Islamorada into the Gulf of Mexico to tempt some smoker kings. Of all the different angling opportunities, however, Islamorada deep sea fishing is the most exciting, hands down.


Islamorada deep sea fishing and offshore fishing are truly legendary. Several of the desirable species have a long fishing season, and in fact, most are available the entire year. The fishing seasons often overlap, so it's likely that you could catch a "mixed bag" of large pelagic fish in the same day. Or, if you prefer, you can enjoy different types of fishing adventures all in the same 24-hour period. You might want to spend your morning tackling a marlin, your afternoon fishing the reef for grouper, your evening doing battle with a tarpon, and your night trying to lure swordfish.

The key to deep sea fishing in Islamorada is the word "deep." Just a few miles from the coastline, the water gets to around 600 feet deep. A little farther out, the depth drops sharply to almost 2000 feet. The islands that make up the village are close to deep water, and within those waters are unique structures that attract both baitfish and hungry predators. A coral reef lies just seven miles offshore, and the bountiful Gulf Stream is close to shore, too. The Continental Shelf drops off close to the islands, also, and is a favorite haunt of large predators. There are wrecks to fish over and around. A truly unique geographical feature near Islamorada is "The Humps" - submerged mountains that rise from the floor of the ocean.

What might you expect to catch with Islamorada deep sea fishing? Of course, that somewhat depends on where and when your fishing trip takes place. Around the reef, you'll have the chance to catch sailfish, amberjack, grouper, and snapper. If you head to The Humps, you'll have an excellent chance of landing amberjack, dolphin, wahoo, king mackerel, and blackfin tuna. Fishing the cobalt blue waters of the Gulf Stream is likely to introduce you to blue marlin, barracuda, monster sharks, and other thrilling catches. Fortunately for anglers, there's always something biting when you're enjoying some great Islamorada deep sea fishing.