Islamorada Charter Fishing

If you’ve never experienced Islamorada charter fishing, my first question to you is why not. I honestly can’t think of another venue on earth that provides all the beauty, the excitement, the year-round amazing fishing that can be found in the Upper Keys. Don’t go it alone, though. You’ll need to find a great Islamorada charter fishing boat to show you the way and help you achieve your goals.

Islamorada is a village of islands, and it lives and breathes fishing. Right at its metaphorical doorsteps are some superb fishing grounds. These include the coral reef, wrecks, the Continental Shelf, the Florida Straits, and Florida Bay and the Everglades. If you know much about big game fishing, you understand the importance of the Gulf Stream. Perhaps you’ve even fished the Stream from other ports. If that’s the case, you probably had to spend hours just getting to the rich mass of warm water. With Islamorada fishing charters, however, you won’t spend nearly as much time boat riding. The Gulf Stream sweeps in close to the Upper Keys, and from Islamorada, the Steam is less than fifteen miles offshore. For anglers, that means more time spent actually fishing.

Islamorada charter fishing can take you to a variety of venues and provide you with a number of different angling opportunities. These, of course, depend largely on the specific Islamorada fishing charters you choose. You might enjoy bottom fishing for grouper and snapper, trolling for king mackerel, fishing the back waters for redfish and snook, or blue water angling for billfish. You might prefer taking advantage of the unique underwater hills known as “The Humps,” where the blackfin tuna, mahi mahi, wahoo, and amberjack are in good supply.

What species might you land with Islamorada fishing charters? I’ve already mentioned billfish. They include blue marlin, swordfish, and sailfish. I’ve also mentioned redfish, snook, kings, wahoo, dolphin, grouper, snapper, blackfin tuna, and amberjack. With just this list, most anglers would be pretty impressed, but Islamorada offers even more. In the nearby waters are also lots of barracuda, cobia, bonefish, tarpon, and permit. If you’re after sharks, you won’t be disappointed there, either.

For the very best experience, you’ll need to choose a good Islamorada charter fishing boat – preferably one with a knowledgeable captain, an experienced crew, and the best equipment. You won’t have any problem at all finding Islamorada fishing charters, as scores of them are available. Choose carefully, however, as some are much better than others. One of the very best in the area is Caribsea Charters.

Caribsea specializes in deep sea and offshore Islamorada charter fishing, and Captain Kenny and his seasoned crew know their business. Kenny is a third generation fishing captain, so fishing runs in his veins. The boat, Caribsea, is fast, powerful, and perfectly equipped for the region. Kenny and his crew members excel with customer service, too. They’ll go the extra mile to ensure that your fishing experience is the best it can possibly be. In fact, they guarantee that their clients are satisfied – even if it means staying out later than planned. Really, you can’t go wrong with such a great Islamorada charter fishing outfit.